Superior Rabbitry

Superior Rabbitry is a humane rabbit breeding program specializing in New Zealand Red purebred rabbits. This is one of the most versatile rabbit breeds and increasingly popular since its development. The rabbitry is veteran owned and operated, community based and committed to the ethical raising of free range NZ Red rabbits. Our rabbits are suited for any industry: Show, Meat, Fiber, Pets, Therapy, and Landscaping.

Pricing & Policies


$100/New Zealand(Red) $100/Classes $50/Rehome $50/Hr Transportation

$50/Hr Consult $50/Sire Service $25/Meat $5/Gal Manure $0/Wild Rabbit Rehab


Half up front, Half on pickup


We have the right to refuse service.

Prices are non negotiable and deposits are non-refundable.

The valuation of these rabbits is based on The International Rabbit Breeders Coalition(TIRBC) Pricing standards.

Inhumane treatment of rabbits will not be tolerated.



These pricing standards were set in place to ensure the health and safety of the rabbits. Rabbits have been systematically devalued for 100 years by ARBA and so they are seen as disposable or replaceable. Because of this a lot of inhumane breeders have arisen trying to cut corners to maintain profit margins. We would rather raise our prices than lower our ethics.


How we spend our money:

Half of all the profits from our business are donated to TIRBC to support genetic research, rabbit housing development, rabbit shelters and welfare, scholarships and grants for members, public education and legislation against inbreeding. Donations are always appreciated.

The other half of our profits is reinvested into rabbit welfare. More/larger enclosures, chew toys, vet visits, etc.


Rabbitry Posts

Our Herd

Our Herd


Barry Allen






Big Mama






Our Customers


(Left)Rusty in his new outdoor hutch with a nice young couple in Dunnellon

(Below)Oliver posing with his new owner for her birthday :)


Jack in his new home at Adrian's Rabbitry


Big Red in an exercise pen with her new rabbity Beth's Bunnies

(Right) Bella a Christmas present for a young girl from her loving dad.

(Below) Oliver successfully rehomed as a stud rabbit with his new lady. He is now the father of his first litter.

Easter Sunday 2022

(Below) Easter Sunday Photo Shoot with Cornerstone Ocala Church. Ghost is posing in the photo with a lovely family.


Our Suppliers and Supporters

A number of people have supported our dream to become self sustaining and to be successful new business owners. Friends, family, neighbors and other business owners. Here we are listing those who have had the biggest impact or a direct impact on the rabbitry so you can take advantage of the same opportunities in raising your rabbits and help support the same businesses that helped support us.

Imperial Hay Ocala

2695 NW 4th st.

Ocala, FL 34475

This is our hay provider for all our Timothy and orchard hay needs. It is run by a super nice couple. They are very knowledgeable and were able to give us a competitive price on a bale of Timothy hay. Let them know we referred you and they'll take care of you.

Beth's Bunnies

Altoona, FL

Beth's Bunnies is our sister rabbitry in Altoona owned and operated by Beth and Randy Lovoy. They are members of ARBA, The American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association and the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club. They specialize in Satins in multiple varieties, Holland Lops, New Zealand and BEW (Blue Eyed White) New Zealands (Rabbits possessing the Vienna gene) We highly recommend getting rabbits from them. They are affordable, well cared for and carry a variety of species and varieties. Let them know we recommended you. Rabbit raising like rabbits themselves are a community.

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