This is Drax. He is a 3 year old high energy puppy. He loves to play from sun up to sundown and has no survival instincts whatsoever. We are trying to find him a mate in the hopes of making puppies we can keep and some we can sell. He has been genetically tested although he is not AKC registered he is of good stock and pedigree and we are working to get his AKC status updated so that he is registered.


Rourke is our other French Bulldog and is AKC registered, but has also been fixed unfortunately. He has more of the classic French Bulldog look, but he is 50% bigger than the average Frenchie. He is sweet and calm and loves to cuddle and take naps. However, he is also our protective dog and likes to throw his weight around even when other dogs don't care.


Studding Services

Given Drax' rare traits, genetic testing and soon to beAKC registration we are asking for $1000 for a studding fee. We are hoping to keep one or two puppies so we can negotiate the fee. If you are interested in our stud you can contact us and we will work out the details.

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Let us know if you have a female French Bulldog in need of a male. We are looking to breed Drax a purebred genetically tested Meryl Blue French bulldog.

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