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We need your help!

Updated: Aug 19

Once again I am being attacked by an anonymous individual. Luckily the county and animal control can’t do anything because the individual who sent the original email used an alias. Unless they sent a picture of their ID with an address in the county from the same email basically I’m immune because they can’t prove it was a county resident. I am being asked by about 8 different county agencies to file for a Special Use Permit to continue my work in light of these false allegations. The special use permit is $1000 which we don't have and requires my attendance at two meetings to prove my case. The date for the BCC hearing is on the 21st of November at 2 PM at BCC Auditorium. The address is:

601 SE 25th Ave, Ocala FL 34471

I'm writing this in the hopes of reaching all those that support the work we do. If you have ever received a rabbit from us, services or help from us, visited us, or work with us, we are asking for your help. If you can Attend the BCC meeting and show support that would be amazing, if you can't we'd like letters or reviews if you have the time to write one and send to us so we can read them aloud for the council. We will need some financial support as well, every little bit helps. We need to raise $1000 to pay the special permit application fee. Right now the organization has only been an official 501(c)3 for 17 days and only has $100 in the treasury account.

If you look at the numbers on our website you can see we have helped about 300 rabbits in the last few years, we have said the community tens of thousands of dollars, we have helped roughly 200 people and those numbers grow every single day we exist. All we have ever done is helped and served the community. All we ask now is a little love to help us get through this trying time.

Thank you for all your support and all you do for the rabbits we serve. We hope to continue serving you.

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