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We are back!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. We have the computer set up again and we are back this year with more vigor than ever before. Last year was truly terrible starting in May and not really concluding until the last couple of months tying up loose ends. We tried to sell the house and failed, I was sent to the looney bin, I got a speeding ticket for going the speed limit, a week later the transmission died in the car, we got a new car and it died the next day, Sherlock went missing and is still missing months later, and so much more. This year has proven much better. We have begun mending fences with our neighbors and I hope we continue to work together, we have an RV so we will be ready to set up shop once we secure some property, my traffic ticket was dismissed, the fence for the yard is finished, we have had several litters of rabbits all happy and healthy, we have rehomed and rescued rabbits and continue to do so. This is our year I can feel it.

Right now the plan is to find some agriculturally zoned property and prepare it for our arrival while living in the house. Once we move out to the property we will rent out the house ideally paying for both. The sooner we get away from humans the better. They don't mean to continuosly disrupt my work are harrass me they just do. My solution is to build a self sustaining utopia out in the middle of nowhere. We will continue to rescue rabbits, provide food education and power for our community, and be good stewards of the land we've fought so hard for. In order to do the most good we must do it far from the collapsing society in which we find ourselves. Put your mask on first before putting masks on others kind of a thing.

This year hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. I had an annual mental health evaluation to track any psychological disorders of which I have about 12. So far nothing new to report, just some old wounds acting up, but the process for evaluation is excrutiating. I tell you this not to scare you or mark myself as an unreliable author, but because I want you to know that my struggles didn't prevent me from reaching my goals. This means that despite all the hurtles we have to overcome in this life you can reach your goals. My pain is internal and invisible to the naked eye, but very real. It is why I am fighting so hard to build this model and show the world a better way of doing things. Living in balance with nature instead of trying to fight it. I'm raising healthier animals, growing my own fruits and vegetables, and improving the quality of the soil. I didn't need to pay for a formal education or a teacher or wait a certain amount of years to pay my dues to mother nature. I just picked up some books, read some online articles and started bulding a new future.

I look forward to putting out more posts about our agricultural work, our studies in Lagomorph physiology, and infrastructure as we move into the final stage of our plans. I will be making a lot of posts in the near future to make up for lost time. Look forward to our posts on composting, our rescue data from the previous year, our evaluation process for land searches, fundraisers we are starting for our non profit work, and so much more. I look forward to serving you all... from a safe distance.

PS I figured out how to make stamps on the iPhone so I made this for anyone who struggles with depression or anxiety like I do. It's a baby bunny burrito to cheer you up when you are down.

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