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Vet visit

One of the great things about rabbits vs. Other pets is that rabbits don’t make a lot of noise or call a lot of attention to themselves. One of the downsides is that rabbits won’t call attention to themselves even if they are sick or unwell. while rabbits don’t need any shots or vaccines in the US that doesn’t mean they don’t get sick.

This is Ragnarok my first rabbit. He has issues from time to time with bumblefoot Also known as sore hocks. Sore hocks can be caused by excessice thumping, poor flooring or an infection of the foot causing swelling and hair loss. This is a fairly common ailment and easy to treat if caught early. If it is caught late you’ll see signs of bleeding or puss. No need to panic, but you will need a vet visit for some antibiotics and depending on severity some wraps to protect his/her feet. It should clear up in a couple weeks with treatment.

Hopefully this information is helpful. For more information about rabbit ailments and treatments consult your vet, if you have any questions feel free to shoot us some questions and when all else fails consult google lol

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