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Updated: Jul 23

So I called ARBA headquarters for information on RHDV2 in light of the most recent case in June '22 in Florida. I've upped my biosecurity protocols significantly, but I'm still trying to help abandoned rabbits, surrendered rabbits and wild rabbits in my area. Anyone bringing me a rabbit has to hold it for 72 hours prior, all hay and equipment is heat treated before bringing it in to my facility, and a rotation has been started for the hay along with several experiments to test hay viability when stored to prevent RHDV. I called ARBA to ask about the elections and they said it will be September before we know who won elections for their office. I've emailed some of the candidates directly offering my support for the qualified individuals replacing the incompetent incumbents. I proceeded to ask them questions about how they will handle certain problems once in office and they gave me rhetoric and treated me like some first time pet owner. I sent a second email with evidence that ARBA practices needed updating and they haven't responded nor will they respond going forward. I have been banned from two rabbit forums for posting research on inbreeding depression after being assaulted by offended individuals with their opinions on the matter before the moderators kicked me for "spam". Back to todays conversation with headquarters, they knew nothing and all they handle is money for the organization. They told me to call my district director (Jim Rowland) who talked at me for the most of the call, I caught him telling inaccurate information multiple times so he got defensive and started yelling at me for being young and inexperienced. He didn't understand anything I was trying to ask, he talked about how he could go on all day with what he knows and then hung up on me two seconds later when his feelings were hurt. He believes:

All the cases of RHDV in the United States can be connected to the House Rabbit Society... The House Rabbit Society is trying to get rid of the show industry and the meat industry... The House Rabbit Society lies about its involvement in the spread of RHDV... The top minds in the world can't find a single connection to the domestic RHDV cases in the US. -Jim Rowland District 6 Director of ARBA

Given that he has openly accused another non-profit trying to benefit rabbit welfare with biological warfare, I think its time leadership unwilling to learn or educate themselves because of how old they are should be retired. Each industry only focuses on the problems in that industry and I get a lot of cold shoulders for trying to show these industries that we are connected. I find myself exasperated with trying to string together the information spread out across 6 fields 12 organizations multiple countries/governments/agencies and no one has a point of contact for the other and no one wants to work with me. I'm trying to help, I'm doing it for free and I'm getting dumped on regularly. I know these posts don't really do much, but show the incompetence of individuals or groups in the field, but I think its important that people know the truth.

Follow the science, follow the math, and if necessary break with the path.


Instead of doing his job, District 6 Director of ARBA Jim Rowland started investigating me when he should of been researching the relevant questions I had about RHDV. He found out I don’t have a passport except that I do because I moved to Florida from Alaska in an RV through Canada during COVID which requires a passport. He thought I attended the WLS conference in Montpellier, France in person when I attended via zoom. Below is my view of Canada in June 2020 which requires a passport during their closed borders as COVID just started. I traveled in my RV 5000 miles give or take to go from Alaska to Florida.

In our last phone call he asked if I was the guy that wanted to sue him, I said no, so when he claims here that I lied about who I am I didn’t. I am the guy who came to him with a multi million dollar idea that he shot down because he is lazy and didn’t want to read my PowerPoint. My PowerPoint on microchipping rabbits instead of ear tattoo systems would make ARBA millions and cost them nothing. They simply stop using tattoo equipment and start using microchipping equipment. He claimed the idea wouldn’t work because it cost too much money. The cost to ARBA was $0. If $0 is too pricey for ARBA it’s because they are broke and raffle-ing off their research in exchange for “DQ proof” rabbits for shows.

Finally he claims I’m not a member of ARBA, which isn’t true. The photo above is from my last issue of the ARBA magazine which is a Result of being an ARBA member(a free 12 month subscription on articles about sniping each and how great ARBAs checkered past is).

Jim being classy, finishes by implying I’m mentally unstable and that I should seek help and that I have nothing better to do than tear down people who aren’t doing their jobs in lieu of investigating people who ask questions. Fun fact I do have PTSD from serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. As a result of service connected trauma I am a 100% disabled vet.

Believe what you want, but I think this post says it all. Jim Rowland is just a cranky, lazy, uneducated old man who thinks that RHDV is totally random, but somehow also the fault of House Rabbit Society (the non profit organization dedicated to rabbit welfare).

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