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Tough Week

Updated: May 10, 2022

Sorry it has been so long since my last post it has been a tough week. Kali wound up in the hospital with a hernia, we lost 3 kits in a first litter of 10, one of the dogs got a UTI and two are still in potty training, with Kali on bed rest I'm having to take on all the responsibilities for the house plus running everyone to appointments to get the whole house healthy again. On a lighter note Apocalypse did have her first litter without issues, we have successfully nursed Lola's litter of 11 for the last few weeks while Lola is recovering from flystrike, Lola and Ragnarok made full recoveries from Flystrike, We found a program that will help us sell our house and buy a new one with more land agriculturally zoned, and I have finally found the curriculum and textbooks for the Exotics program and I will begin studying the rabbit segment so I can perform more effective triage for rabbit owners.

As permaculturists we have to wear many hats. We are attempting self sufficiency using a combination of technology and permaculture approachs to land stewardship. In addition to that we have had to become experts or at least knowledgeable on a number of topics just to survive our daily lives. Society has brought human beings a number of benefits, but we have become so large and disconnected we have started to lose benefits from grouping together. For instance our common knowledge base has waivered in quality. I have to be a vet a doctor a lawyer and an accountant just to try to build a non profit organization that promotes animal welfare. There are plenty of organizations that already perform this function and yet nothing has changed. These organizations have no teeth, they can only operate reactively and despite their number and expertise in their fields they are not always informed on current issues with every species. Dogs take most of the attention in the pet world and despite this they are still abandoned, pit against each other in fights, culled, milled and inbred consistently. I have had several exotic vets help me in the treatment of my rabbits and not all of them have been helpful. Some couldn't tell cysts from infections, some wanted to charge me per rabbit and have patient profiles for each with separate appointments, and most didn't take my claims seriously. I have an excellent vet right now that is helping with my education on the matter. I am now assisting others with triage services. I don't say all this to discourage you, but as inspiration. I am frequently beset with rejection, apathy, and ignorance and yet I presevere. While I find the rigors of bureaucracy unbrearable, I am adept at creating solutions and self sustaining systems to complex real world problems. This is from self taught education using the tools available to me. We've saved thousands on home repair, hundreds on food, and hundreds on vet and medical expenses. The more educational hats we wear the more stable and independent we become.

One day soon we will be opening the largest rabbit rescue in the state, privately owned and operated to prevent mismanagement by affiliations or government contracts, and we will start publishing research based on our findings to help save rabbits from extinction at the hands of man kind. We will be a no spay/neuter rescue, we will be a kill shelter but we will be doing so humanely and use every part of the rabbit, and we will be using our knowledge of rabbits to rehabilitate both domestic and undomestic species. If no one wants to help us because there is a corrupt organization in power, a rule preventing the proper treatment of rabbits, a lack of teeth to help rabbits in need, or because we aren't a 501(C)(3) then we will save the world of rabbits on our own. Our cause is noble and so we have decided to name our rescue Noble Rabbit Rescue. Our goal isn't just to take care of the rabbits that come our way, but to fight for the rabbits' welfare on every front. I'm working on a peer reviewed research paper to classify inbreeding as animal cruelty on a federal level and punishable by fine. I am educating the public and creating educational programs to bring the knowledge base up to an acceptable level. I am developing new shelters and quality of life improvements for the animals to create a better cheaper and more efficient standard of living for rabbits. I am working to improve the higher education programs for vets so that rabbit care is more effective, widely available and cost effective. I am trying to remove rabbits from the exotic animals program. It is time we recognized these animals as the 3rd most popular pet mammal across the globe. And it is time we stopped treating animals we relocated as exotic and start taking responsibility for our impact on the environment. I will not be dissauded from my goal. And I will save all Lagomorpha.

I realize I can be a bit overzealous and passionate/mercurial on the topic of animal welfare. I try to be objective, but I don't think the presence of empathy should disqualify scientifically factual statements or arguments. I'm not mentally equipped to separate animals from their emotional impact on me. I have evidence to support all my findings rather conclusively. If you want or need more information I would be happy to cite my sources. I hope you all find the knowledge you are looking for in your pursuits.

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