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The BRC did a welfare check

The article below summarizes the account of an experiment to determine rabbit welfare in the UK. Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet similar to the US, but the British Rabbit Counsel did a survey on welfare and ARBA has yet to do so. The primary issue was a lack of education. This led to inappropriate housing, poor diet, no exercise or handling, a lack of vet visits for vaccinations which the UK needs given the presence of myxomatosis and Rabbit hemorrhagic disease, and inbreeding issues.

I’m working with PETA to address these issues. I was told by Okeechobee animal control that they “don’t do rabbits” despite being handed a case with evidence, addresses and phone numbers. Every member of ARBA leadership has seen my blog. None of them have contacted me except Johnny Haussener who just wanted to salvage his reputation by telling me what I can and cannot post. He went on to say he is a district director as a hobby. Perhaps professionals should occupy office positions and hobbyists should stay home. You be the judge.

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