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Terroristic threats

A member of ARBA is sending terroristic threats, harassing me and threatening my family. Ive called animal control, they won’t help the abused rabbits. I’ve called the police and they won’t do anything about this clearly unhinged individual hell-bent on inbreeding his rabbits to save money. He keeps claiming that I’m trying to scam him, but I helped him with his pedigrees for free. He got his buddy to call me and threaten to take me to court for deformation(defamation of character meaning I’m lying about him being a bad person). They threatened to call the police (as if I started this) and they threatened to harass me stating:

This will continue because we have your phone number and address.

The police told me they can’t do anything until I’m murdered. They also said I should just shoot him. Additionally the deputy of Okeechobee sheriffs department said that going out to this man’s house to make him stop harassing me was a courtesy and he didn’t have to do it because he had more important things to do. After the sheriff made contact the calls and harassment escalated as I warned him it would. He said to file a restraining order I’d have to travel to Okeechobee.

I have attached copies of their texts. I will attach all known numbers. When they called they said they have multiple burner phones with which to harass me and friends willing to help. Law Enforcement won’t help, animal rights don’t preclude inbreeding and ARBA promotes this behavior.

I’ve also included the pedigrees as evidence of the inbreeding. The rabbits are siblings/cousins/aunt-nephew. Both have VF67 bloodline and both have Penny bloodline which means they share 75% of the same genes. People will tell you this is linebreeding, it’s not that requires 4 degrees of separation. People will tell you “it’s ok I haven’t had any problems” but problems can arise before during or after birth with inbreeding. Also that’s a post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy. People will say it happens in nature. Not only does it not happen in nature, but New Zealand’s we bred in captivity. Their ancestors didn’t even come from nature. People will say inbreeding isn’t illegal, but it should be. One day I will make inbreeding illegal.

I got into this business to help manage my stress and PTSD from serving as a combatant in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. I expanded my business so I could spread this form of rabbit therapy to other vets or people in need. I expanded the scope of my operation to help rabbits in need. I did not start this business to coddle toxic individuals or to post anything other than the truth. I will not be bullied or dissuaded from pursuing animals rights despite Antiquated animal husbandry techniques. I am willing to die for my beliefs, but I will not go quietly.



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