Surprise surprise surprise!

We’ve had 3 surprises with the rabbits in the last couple weeks. We bred 2 does a month ago. The first one had a small litter of 3 which is the smallest litter we’ve had. They all turned out happy and healthy so we don’t mind.

The second one had a pseudo pregnancy, she performed all the necessary behaviors but she never kindled, despite keeping her an extra couples weeks for observation and her building a 10’ long burrow and 5‘ deep. We’ve waited a month before rebreeding her Just to be safe.

Then on the day we were going to breed the next set of does one of the does gave birth to 11 kits to our surprise considering she was kept isolated. It will take a couple weeks to determine who the father was based on genetics. Which means she bred through the cage or a buck snuck out during play time. Normally I give a month minimum between weaning and the next litter for the safety of the doe. I’ve kept her well fed despite what I thought was an usual appetite at the time. Since realizing she was pregnant I’ve switched her hay to alfalfa and given her critical care to supplement her calorie intake so she can provide milk without risk.

So currently we have 15 rabbits available for sale although the newest additions will need a couple months to wean. But we have 1 rehome available for $50 while the others are $100 each. Be sure to put down a deposit and reserve yours today as we sell out quickly! Hope to see you soon!

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