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Still moving

Sorry we haven’t posted in awhile. I’m writing posts as fast as I can to catch everyone up with our progress. We hit a snag with the 501(c)(3). We think we found a work around to get it this year but it will have to wait until after the move. We also have concerns about the spay/neuter program being mandatory given that we also work the wildlife rehab side and the conservation side for endangered breeds.

Our place looks messy, but we are basically just waiting to move at this point. The refinance fell through so we can’t move early and are considering owner financing a property so we can move out and sell this place. The car broke down and it cost $1200 to repair. Definitely a mandatory fix because it’s our primary means of delivering and retrieving rabbits. We got 10 rabbits in 10 days so we were burning through food and hay and we still aren’t a 501(c)(3) so we don’t get discounts or tax exemptions and we are unfunded but we still compete with other rescues in terms of size, quality and education.

We will be the biggest rabbit rescue in the state within the year if we can find property. We take donations and for every $100 you save 3 rabbit lives. All money made from adoptions and rabbit sales is immediately reinvested into the rabbits. There is no profit we just break even some months. We do this for the betterment of the animals not personal gain. We are one of the few that tackles issues facing rabbits and their owners on more than one front.

Please continue to be patient with us as we transition and we will do our best to meet your needs and the needs of the animals. We’ve provided about $500 in discounts this year in the first quarter which is about how much we discounted last year. We’ve rehomed 6 rabbits, saved 12, seeded 12 rabbitries, approached 25 different rabbit organizations, created several medical and welfare techniques, and networked with some amazing people. We hope to serve you for many more years.

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