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Rabbits are Endangered!

After conducting some research at length, I have discovered a number of scientific and scholarly articles indicating rabbits are an endangered species. My early predictions put Domestic rabbit extinction at 50 years and undomesticated at less than that. Given the new information I've found it could be much much sooner if we don't make immediate changes to the way we manage rabbits domestically and the way we treat their undomesticated counterparts. It is very possible that we may have to use domesticated species as seeding species in the natural environment to reverse the number of losses and the resulting ecological impact that has had. So far I've determined the Chinchilla and Belgian Hare species are endangered and I'm still conducting research into what other species are at risk. I think using the Hedgecock model of breeding rabbits we can rehabilitate both sides of the equation. This is the 3rd most popular pet on the globe and its nearing extinction. I have reached out to the state senator of Florida Marco Rubio in an attempt to make national change regarding this issue. I believe through changes in policy I can also mend the multi billion dollar pet animal industry if they adopt my policy across the board. I know everyone is concerned with the conflict in Russia, but I believe this could have a significant impact on the ecological balance of the planet. I have attached a link below to the article and I will be reaching out to several conservation agencies with international reach. I fear we don't have much time.

below is another list of livestock species and their respective conservation status

below is the IUCN red list on Oryctolagus Cuniculus undomesticated, there are two classifications under wild oryctolagus and one is Near Threatened and one is Endangered. Feel free to browse Leporid and Leporidae families for more undomesticated species.

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