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Rabbit pricing

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

As of this litter going forward, rabbit prices are increasing from $50 to $100. This decision affects the entire coalition of rabbit breeders in central Florida. The price increase reflects inflation, increases in associated costs of raising rabbits and to maintain a high quality of life for the animals. All profits go to the building of the non profit organization TIRBC for the betterment of rabbits and rabbit owners. Standardized pay scales for rabbits by breed, variety and quality will be published in the near future so you can see and understand rabbit valuation. At this time we are still consulting experts to make sure the price is as accurate as possible. Discounts are offered at breeders discretion.

The price of rabbits has been $50 for 50 years. It’s time we created a standard method for valuing rabbit life that accounts for quality of life and associated costs to raise them. ARBA would have you be dependent on them for valuation, keeping rabbit breeders poor and uneducated and keeping bunny mills running unethical rabbit raising operations to cut costs. This will not be tolerated.

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