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Rabbit cages

A rabbits cage is probably one of the single most important factors in a rabbits well being next to diet. Rabbit cages come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, price tags etc.

The two most important factors in deciding which rabbit cage to buy are: 1) what works best for the rabbit and 2) what’s the most convenient for you. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention price. That’s because if you decide to cheap out on the cage you risk one or both of the important factors above and you wind up paying for it in the long run. Never fear, as there are affordable cage options and you can always upgrade later.

Cage styles:

Wire cage- this is probably the cheapest and most efficient method of housing rabbits. It comes in a variety of sizes based on your rabbits space requirements (based on adult rabbit size). While it’s suitable for minimum space requirements rabbits still require play time outside the cage and sunlight.

Outdoor Hutch- This is another affordable and convenient option for caring for rabbits. They get lots of time outdoors with fresh air. The droppings fall through a wire floor and are easy to clean similar to the wire cages. The drawback is you have to be area of local weather conditions and it’s effect on rabbit’s and it’s usually not portable like the wire cages. Since the cage is outdoors it can be custom made to any size although you usually build it yourself and cage buildup can be housed down.

Colony Hutch- rabbit colony’s are a pretty common practice and have benefits and drawbacks. They are usually custom builds and expensive, but the animals get a natural environment and plenty of time to socialize. The upkeep depending on complexity can be easy or difficult. It usually requires some research but they can be built in or outdoors. These styles are often weather proof outdoors and the rabbits are happy. A drawback though can be conflicts among the rabbits. It may seem Odd but rabbits despite being social animals will get into fights over mates or territory. This can cause injuries and if left untreated death. Additionally the nests the rabbits make in these systems and hands off style lead to high mortality rates in litters.

Chicken coop- some outdoor hutches resemble fancy chicken coops and allow access to grass along with shelter from the elements. They make a nice hybrid between outdoor hutch and colony style cages and you can partition rabbits appropriately.

Custom- obviously theres a lot of options and wide range of customizable features available but be ready for a large price tag unless you plan a DIY build and then prepare for a decent price tag twice for any mistakes you make.

of all these cages I recommend the wire cage. It’s the cheapest and most efficient. it’s convenient for cleanup and suits the animals health well. It keeps the rabbits clean and gives them the ability to socialize but without any scuffles or unwanted matings. It also prevents potential injuries or Illnesses. I will be posting a lot of the different styles in the photos below. See how many you can identify based on the definitions I’ve provided.

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