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People I admire

Updated: May 23

I wanted to take some time to list a few extraordinary people I admire and list what I believe to be their most significant accomplishments. Their work does not receive the attention it should and by researching these individuals you can give them power through popularity.

Nikola Tesla- father of modern electricity

Carl Jones- active conservationist/ornithologist

Sam Wasser- fecal geneticist

Steve Irwin- the crocodile hunter

Joseph Scheer- digital photography

These individuals possess extremely high levels of intelligence and are as active in the field as they are in the lab. Real go getters. Though they are a credit to their fields I don’t believe they get the attention they deserve. Nikola Tesla believed the government should provide electricity to the people of the United States, it was Thomas Edison who believed that electricity should be used to generate profit and thus the electric bill was born. He spent most of his life educating himself and solving complex problems in the world around him using critical thinking skills. His ingenuity is the backbone of a lot of modern technology aside from the power it runs on. Carl Jones has saved dozens of species of Avian by actively intervening in the birds environment to prevent predation and habitat loss. He literally choked weasels so they wouldn’t eat the eggs of critically endangered birds. Most conservation is very hands off until it’s too late. And finally Sam Wasser who discovered a revolutionary method for studying animals in the wild through non invasive means. He studies the dna in fecal matter left behind by the animal. Through an animals feces he can determine age gender species fertility region diet and so much more. His work has been profound in preventing poachers efforts and supporting conservationists efforts. The crocodile hunter was probably my first hero as my first passion was reptiles. He was always hands on with the conservation and relocation of crocodilians. A predator most wouldn’t consider worth preserving much less capable of being preserved short of using a fully automatic tranq gun. While his specialty was crocodiles he loved all the animals of the Australian Outback and did his best to be a bridge between man and natures creatures. I wanted to be his apprentice when I grew up.

There are many more individuals I can list, but I wanted to emphasize these three for now. I would highly recommend deep dives on each. Moving forward man kind will need to learn to coexist more efficiently with nature or we will burn up this world and all it’s resources in less than a few decades. Automation should replace human labor so we can free ourselves up to actively prevent our own extinction by preventing the extinction of other species. This is the only way we will survive. I have been preparing for this eventuality my whole life. And based on my research COVID was a practice run. Something much worse is coming. I hope we are all prepared in time. Good luck!

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