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Our work this week

We rescued 11 rabbits in the last week and rehomed 13 and nursed 2 cottontails and gave lifesaving advice to 3 owners. We are currently at capacity but have networked with two more rescues and helped seed another rescue. This was easily a record week for us.

After all that we made $160 for the week, but we saved customers about $2000 in total. It’s much easier to save people money than it is to make it in this industry. That makes it difficult to operate and continue helping people and rabbits. We have fixed the website up to help you help us. The donate button at the bottom of the first page on our website takes you directly to our gofundme page. In the footer of all the web pages is a link to our Amazon wishlist for the rabbits. The ads on our website are provided by Google and they pay us based on the number of clicks. I can control what ads aren’t shown but not what ads are shown.

I don’t mind the hard work or frequent phone calls I just wish I could do more. Donating helps us reach farther and save more. So if there is anything you can spare we would really appreciate it. $100 can buy 2 weeks worth of hay for everyone or a year supply of milk replacement or 1 week worth of feed or 1 month of Air Conditioning. Anything you donate helps.

We are now sub-permitted for wildlife, and officially a non profit in Florida with an EIN. Our 501(c)3 is still pending and our solicitation permit is pending but should be in any day now. Once that happens your donations will be tax deductible, we can start accepting applications for volunteers, and start applying for grants and partnering with other companies.

Thank you for all your support! We are excited to serve the community as we move into this new phase as a rescue. Feel free to call/text/message with questions, we are eager to learn and eager to teach.

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