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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

If you’re breeding rabbits sooner or later (usually once a year) you’ll need new breeding stock to introduce to your herd. I often times go to meat rabbit farms given that New Zealand reds are a popular commercial breed. Meat rabbit farmers have a different approach to rabbits. They usually keep their stock outside in suspended wire cages year round with an overhang similar to a carport being their only protection. They aren’t given medical attention unless they are importance pedigree wise and neglected other than food and water.

I treat these animals I buy from them as rescues. They won’t be used to human contact, they’ve almost never been handled much less handled with care and usually have one or two afflictions the previous owner didn’t know about or care about. They don’t even have names just numbers.

My two newest editions, now named Big Mama and Goliath, are a brother and sister from a meat rabbit farm I picked up on the 15th from North Carolina(three states away!). These rabbits are HUGE! Big bodies and outweigh my biggest rabbit, and they are crazy strong. Goliath broke a cage running in circles! I’ve since spent time with both of them, holding them and petting them and working with them. I’m just two days they went from scared rambunctious rabbits to curious and shy. It’ll take a full week to bond with such rabbits and a lot of patience to help them recover from their neglect.

below is a video of Big Mama seeing grass and having open space to play for the first time❤️

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