New Rabbit Breeder/Owner Classes

Updated: Mar 10

I'm excited to inform you that I will begin holding classes on the weekends for new rabbit owners and breeders. The classes are $100, It is a full day of class held on Saturdays, and it will answer all your questions regarding owning, caring for, and raising rabbits. The textbook is about 50% complete and is a free pdf I will continually update with new information. The textbook is included with the class. This class does have a review of each chapter at the end of the day, but this isn't pass/fail and it doesn't mean you are a good or bad rabbit owner. The test is simply to reinforce the most important concepts in each chapter so that you are prepared for your exciting journey into cuniculture. I have spoken to ARBA leadership and they won't support the education of owners on the subject of rabbits, nor do they provide a formal education on rabbits. ARBA also does not condone the use of their materials during this course so you will not see them. However I will recommend ARBA handbooks or the Standards of Perfection as useful guides for exploring the rabbit world. I find myself taking on a lot of responsibility as of late trying to correct the issues ARBA has created. I worry that they will attempt to stop me from educating the public on the issues involving the raising of rabbits. I will persist as long as I can to make sure that rabbits and rabbit owners have a better quality of life.

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