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Updated: Aug 10

We have received several cottontails and several domestic rabbits. The cottontails will be released back into the wild in accordance with local law, but the domestics are available for rehome. Because we are moving I‘m not able to update the website so I will be posting them here and updating the website later.

This is Speckle, she came in with no name, she was surrendered without her one month old litter one of which died and the other was sold in violation of Florida law. We expect to receive her litter, which is being hand nursed, within the month. She is a mild mannered rabbit that loves being pet and is less than 5lbs likely making her a dwarf or polish mix.

Update: Speckle was pregnant with her second litter when she arrived and has had 4 kits so she will not be available for at least two months along with her brood. This was likely a result of negligence which led to her being bred shortly after giving birth.

This is Sapphire, a Lionhead, who looks similar to another rehome we have (Snowflake), but is much smaller. She was a surrender that was given to us after someone surrendered them to her, but she has a full time job and has to move out of state because of it and was unable to keep the rabbits.

This is Fawn, he came with Sapphire and is also a Lionhead mix.

This is Moon formerly Luna, he was sold to a young woman as a female and a Lionhead. He is neither a female nor a Lionhead and is likely a dwarf Rex mix. He has some offspring with the above mentioned Speckle as the two owners are a couple and getting a new apartment together in which animals aren’t allowed. Apartments are one of the top reasons for animals surrenders.

This is Fuego, she was found hopping into an elderly womans garage after being abandoned at 2 months old. The woman cared for the rabbit for several days while seeking out help because she cannot care for an animal in her condition. She was named fuego because they thought she was a boy and an energetic little spitfire.

Thats all for now. Thank you for your patience.

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