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Man Made Viruses

It might surprise you, but rabbits aren't universally loved. Undomesticated species are considered vermin and are associated with rats despite being in a separate order from rodentia. A variety of poisons, traps and even viruses have been developed or used in the eradication of the family of Leporids and Leporidae (hares and rabbits respectively).

Poisons and traps are pretty straight forward and are limited in scope though they can harm more species than just rabbits. So diseases were used in two cases that I know of to kill rabbits with horrific consequences. Myxomatosis and Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease were both man made and employed by men. Not only did this kill rabbits in their yards or farms, but it spread rapidly encompassing most of the globe killing both domesticated and undomesticated rabbits and hare.

I find this behavior absolutely unacceptable! My non profit organization The International Rabbit Breeders Coalition (TIRBC) will not stand for the use of biological warfare. We will take in, transport or ethically contain and remove wild rabbits from an unwanted area. Because rabbits do have a significant impact on the environment there are relatively few places they can safely be released without damaging the ecology. Therefore, in concert with local law enforcement and wildlife management agencies, TIRBC will either safely relocate or keep undomesticated rabbits with proper permitting so that the species can be rehabilitated.

Rabbits play an important role in the ecological balance of natural environments. They are primary consumers and support plant life, secondary and tertiary consumers. They till and aerate the soil, fertilize and water it, they can even mow your lawn. Their urban applications are nearly limitless. If we lose rabbits and hares as a species we will likely witness the decline of many other species with it.

I have attached articles with my research so you can see for yourself. The evidence is all there and much of it has been lost to time or hidden from us. Mankind is directly responsible for these atrocities and ARBA is only helping them by being slow and ineffective and greedy. Support TIRBC and support cuniculture (rabbit raising).

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