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Rabbit “Overpopulation” myth

Updated: May 23

In conducting some research today looking for current population statistics I found this article. I haven’t read the whole thing as it is very long lol but I think there are several important points made. The rabbit “overpopulation issue” is greatly exaggerated and the “rescues” tend to be run by individuals with a poor grasp of rabbit welfare and rabbit potential.

Aside from that I disagree with culling or that “breeders” are automatically a better choice. Lots of breeders engage in poor practices just like rescues. There is no rabbit beyond redemption. Medical conditions are the only reason for euthanasia.

Here is the article:,%25)%20if%20calculated%20at%20the

Like I mentioned the statistics are important and the limited perspective of others. Sifting through opinions and white noise for actual facts is a big part of studying the rabbit field.

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