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Inbreeding is Bad

As I have mentioned in previous posts, there are a significant number of rabbit breeders "line breeding". Linebreeding is the act of practicing animal husbandry with a limited stock to propagate a species or breed traits in or out of a family line. Line breeding constitutes 4 degrees of separation and inbreeding cannot occur more than once on a pedigree. When line breeding the relationship shows a vertical line going from the top to the bottom of the pedigree.


TIRBC in its formation has decided not to allow inbreeding. The professionals in the cuniculture career field who are line breeding appropriately are bearing the brunt of the punishment for the foolish, uneducated and abusive rabbit raisers in the world. Linebreeding and inbreeding will both be made illegal. TIRBC is dedicated to the betterment of the Lagomorph order. This means until the world is appropriately educated no one should be allowed to "try their hand" at this practice. It creates genetic deformities, discourages people from entering the rabbit world due to trauma and encourages greedy individuals to abuse animals. TIRBC will be working hand in hand with law enforcement to prevent abuse to the 14 million rabbits worldwide. To reinforce this TIRBC, despite being inclusive unlike ARBA, will not allow inbreeders of any kind to enter the organization. TIRBC also does not condone the trio model. A breeding pair is more than adequate with a proper education.

James Smith of Best Red Rabbitry has decided to continue inbreeding despite warnings from multiple individuals. He lives in 3039 SE 38th Ave, Okeechobee, FL 34974. His cell number is 863-623-7973. His pedigrees with inbreeding are posted in the photo. Adrienne McCandless of Crouse, NC 28033 runs Lop Lolly Rabbitry who sold James Smith siblings and told them it was ok to breed them. Her cell is 704-215-3026. Let these individuals know that it is unacceptable to abuse rabbits for profit. Every time they sell a rabbit it ruins the gene pool and puts the doe, her litter and future litters at risk.

Lots of people are going to say things like "its ok, its how they do it in nature" This is not true because New Zealand's do not exist in nature and inbreeding does not occur naturally for several reasons including not having to be forced into cages or pens with each other. They will say "Well ARBA says its ok" ARBA is a centennial organization that is responsible for the devaluation of rabbit life. They will use straw man and post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacies to try to trick you into thinking its ok. Inbreeding is never ok.

I don't just come with problems I also have solutions. If you save a doe from every litter and buy one new buck a year, your Rabbitry will triple in size annually. Within 3 years you will produce over 400lbs of meat and own 50-75 rabbits which is the size of most privately owned commercial rabbit breeders. This is called the Hedgecock method and requires no inbreeding and costs the same as the inbreeding method.

I apologize for the somber nature of recent posts. I am a good man trying to do the right thing. It seems like I am the only one that has figured these things out and I want to get this knowledge into as many hands as possible so we can stop the villains in power.

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