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Finals week!

Even though I have a degree and I’m trying to live a completely off grid lifestyle I still pursue continuing education. There are many benefits to taking one or two classes per semester.

1) You, similar to your lifestyle, continue to grow and develop. Taking in new information has a positive maturing effect on the brain and makes you better able to take on new challenges.

2) Stimulating your mind. Living off grid is challenging but rewarding. One of the challenges is staying mentally engaged so you don’t go coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. Routines are healthy, stagnation is not.

3) Developing new skill sets. This semester I learned through digital media how to make a media presence for my works and how to create all my own promotional materials saving myself a small fortune in advertising costs. With this skill set I’m also able to help out others with their business needs, not only saving me money but generating a new type of income.

So stay in school and don’t do drugs lol

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