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Easter Sunday Photo Shoot

Easter Sunday can be a point of contention in the rabbit community for a lot of breeders and animal rights activists. It is understandable considering in the past people have been careless with animals in carrying out their holiday traditions. I think there is a middle ground here that some of the better breeders have figured out. Just because the old practice wasn't ideal for rabbits and chicks during Easter does not mean people need to go without rabbits in their celebrations. This is my first Easter photo shoot and the first time Roxxi, Ghost and Magdaline have really been out of the Rabbitry. I was able to show and educate the public on safe rabbit handling practices, everyone had a great time seeing and petting and learning about rabbits, and the tradition of seeing rabbits on Easter was maintained humanely as the rabbits returned safely home with me. The photo in this post was shared by the woman who hired me for the event posing with Ghost and her son. Everyone had a great time, the children were kind and gentle with the rabbits and the rabbits enjoyed all the attention. It was a win-win-win. Happy Easter Everyone!

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