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Updated: Oct 16

My first day in Florida a man threatened to shoot me for stalking his wife. I had been in Florida for less than a full day and my life was threatened. I called the police who said they couldn’t make contact. So that guy has a gun and no consequence.

Since living in Florida I have met 3 people who weren’t sexist, racist or complete assholes. I moved to the silver springs shores in Ocala, FL during COVID because a mechanic totaled our RV instead of repairing it. We were homeless 2 weeks prior to moving into our house. In the last few months 3 neighbors have assaulted me, but because Florida law requires what Is technically assault consummated by battery, they get off without consequence.

There are no helpful veteran resources available here. I don’t feel safe in my own home. I’m trying to sell my house and leave, but I can’t get out of here fast enough. My next door neighbors just shouted at and threatened me for the second time in a month, but law enforcement in Florida won’t do anything until the crime has already happened. I filed for injunction, but was denied. Tonight he yelled at me for stealing his mail. None of the mail in the silver springs shores is ever delivered to the right address, but in this instance it was. My neighbors mailed their mail to our address. My wife took the packages in so they wouldn’t get rained on which is kind and considerate. I had no knowledge of this so my neighbor yelled at me and threatened me anyway. She forgot to take the packages over so it’s automatically stealing apparently.

I’m a 100% disabled vet and my wife is 80% and we both have PTSD. Not only did we have stressful military occupations, but the military personnel we worked with also mistreated us. While you are in the military you don’t have any rights per se, you’re technically military property. Now that we are civilians we still live under the threat of death because law enforcement is completely reactive and dysfunctional here. They will not help you. The legal system also will not help you. Once you’ve been murdered, they might avenge you. At that point who cares you are already dead.

Law enforcement will not help you in Florida.

If you think one form of law enforcement is defunct and the rest are fine, you are wrong. Code enforcement is called on neighbors frequently by a cranky old lady who uses other neighbors names and addresses to cover her tracks. Even after figuring this out and informing code enforcement nothing is done. If you have an issue with a neighbors animal, law enforcement will send you to animal control because “animal” was said, animal control will send you to law enforcement because “neighbor” was said. Once you solve that loop they will tell you it’s a civil suit and you should call a lawyer. Once you find a lawyer (you will have to pay for it, pro bono lawyers only do classic lawsuits) they will tell you there’s nothing you can do so call code enforcement. if you call code enforcement they will refer you to law enforcement. Then the loop starts over again. Basically it’s a lawless Wild West, except there are laws they just protect everyone but you. Your neighbors are legally allowed to cuss at you and threaten you from their lawn all day long. They can even threaten to kill you as long as they don’t have the weapon on them while making threats. In some instances they can have the weapon on them they just can’t aim it at you or be mid stab while threatening. If you try to defend yourself before you’ve been fully stabbed or shot, there’s a possibility of going to prison if they argue “I wasn’t going to do it”. So I’m waiting to get murdered by my neighbors because they ordered stuff to our address. This is the same neighbor that threatened to kill our animals which is also legal in Florida. If he wants to defend his property from vicious domestic rabbits he can murder them. There aren’t any state or county codes protecting rabbits either. We have no friends, no family, no resources, nothing. We are expected to survive without being able to defend ourselves because it’s not a crime and while being assailed because it’s lawful assailment. I was legally incarcerated by the state of Florida for 96 hours unable to go home and see my wife, drugged, threatened, and food and sleep deprived. It’s called the Baker Act. It’s an involuntary hold for suicidal patients in hospitals. I am not suicidal but once you are baker acted you need a psychiatrist to clear you. The psychiatrist doesn’t want to take the fall for your suicide so they will never release you prior to 72 hours. If you try to leave they will pin you down and tranq you. You have patient rights but I had to ask for them and I was told to “google” it. I was stripped naked held against my will and forced to go to group therapy with a bunch of schizophrenics. My roommate at the “stabilization facility” was a felon convicted of murder and he didn’t like me. I had to convince a psychiatrist while naked, sleep deprived and drugged that I wasn’t crazy or suicidal and that I didn’t belong there. I had to pretend to not be stressed while living out my worst nightmares. Do you have any idea how hard it is to convince someone you aren’t crazy while naked drugged and sleep deprived? It’s damn near impossible. If I had failed to convince them I’m normal enough to return home they could’ve held me for 6 months by court order and legally forced me to take medication i didn’t need and if I stopped taking meds I would’ve been incarcerated again after leaving and forced to take meds. The only reason I was in that situation in the first place is because I was depressed and needed some anxiety medication because my neighbors are harassing me and I have no way to keep Me, my wife or my animals safe. All I want to do is move away from all these terrible people and start a farm so I won’t be dependent on society anymore. I don’t feel safe in my own home, people are hunting me and imprisoning me, I can’t fight back or I’m the bad guy. I’m developing what’s known as learned helplessness. I’m depressed. I’m anxious. I just want left alone. I can’t leave and I can’t stay. I’m being stalked in my home, on this blog and there’s nowhere for me to go. I made this blog to be able to share my story and tell the truth without it being censored by Facebook or every other form of social media. Instead of a record of my successes and failures in an attempt to be in balance with nature and also self sufficient, it has become a blog of my mistreatment.

I have no idea if anybody even reads this. I sound like a whiny crazy person. How could so many bad things happen to one person? I’ve had 5 days in the last 6 months where something bad didn’t happen to me. 5 nonconsecutive days. This life is excruciating. what’s the point.

Update: As of 15Oct22 my neighbors are enlisting their friends to harass me. Their truck battery died so they called a friend to give them a jump by parking on my property to do it. Didn’t ask permission, started yelling at me as soon as I came outside and started recording me as if it’s insane to be upset that jacked up trucks are parked on your lawn without your permission. Then had the gall to ask me for human decency. I called the sheriffs deputy to come out because the friend refused to leave my property. The deputy talked to the neighbors then me and then asked the friend to move. The friend and my neighbors just started shouting at me because they were mad. The wife claimed we were the instigators, the husband threatened me again, the friend called me petty despite the hysterical antics on display. The sheriff looked at me as if he felt sorry that I had to live next to these lunatics and said there was nothing else that could be done. The wife was inconsolable. She claimed that we were the reason they were leaving, despite the fact that we’ve been trying to move for months because of them. She claimed she hadn’t done anything to me despite actively screaming at me. She claimed that I called them murderers. I guess that makes them the victims in a situation where I have been yelled at by her husband repeatedly for things I didn’t do. Now when I leave my house they keep asking where my wife is as if she’s the reasonable one and I’m some monster for not wanting to be screamed at on property I pay for. My wife was in tears today as she watched absolute psychos threaten me knowing I’m not guilty of anything and yet the law doesn’t protect us. Freedom of speech isn’t worth letting Americans speak. The right to bear arms doesn’t matter if bearing them means you’ll be imprisoned for life. For the first time in my life I am ashamed for having served my country. This was not worth protecting.

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