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Baby Bunnos!

This is our first litter of purebred New Zealand Red rabbits. The photos to the left represent the first 2 weeks of their development. They are currently 2 months old as of 14 August 2021. 4 of the rabbits are still available for purchase. We ethically raise cage free, grass fed rabbits for purchase as pets, breeding stock, meat and although not currently for show they do come with pedigrees and will be show worthy in a couple generations. We have a youtube channel although not many videos are available currently other than the building of the outdoor rabbit hutch we are working on a video of the development of these cute little bunnies. Youtube videos and photos will be posted infrequently as we spend a lot of our time in college and raising crops for the rabbits and the rabbits themselves. Deposits reserve rabbits for you and the rabbits are first come first serve. If you don't get a rabbit this time around don't worry we are expecting 2 more litters within the week of 14-21 August 2021. The Rabbits are $75 each, we do offer military and first responder discounts, educational discounts and ESA discounts. Discounted price will be $50. We do deliver rabbits for a delivery fee. A cage is not provided but a week supply of food, pedigree and bill of sale is provided and we do hope you stay in contact regardless of the function of your rabbit for personal support or recommendations, especially if you plan on using them for breeding stock so we can avoid breeding conflicts down the line.

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