Updated: Dec 6, 2021

A new litter is born today! 7 baby bunnies born 12pm 4Dec21, this is Queeny’s 4th litter (3rd litter with me). She is an amazing mother! She did scratch me real good today. It was my fault because I was cleaning her cage not realizing she just gave birth. I apologized with some celery and she decided to let it slide for now but not to come back until tomorrow. So I will post photos here tomorrow when I’m allowed back lol

This litter is already half purchased but I do have one or two available for sale if anyone wants one. I have another litter due in two weeks and that litter is sold so hurry and get one today before they are all gone!

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Sorry it has been so long since my last post it has been a tough week. Kali wound up in the hospital with a hernia, we lost 3 kits in a first litter of 10, one of the dogs got a UTI and two are still