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ARBA youth and open show 18Dec21

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The ARBA youth and open show was the first ARBA show I’ve ever been too and it was absolutely breathtaking! 900+ shown including 30 species and dozens of varieties! In addition to rabbits they had cavies shown.

In the sales department there was a stand setup for people selling rabbits, chickens, quail and more. The was a store section run by Donny Wilson of Gentle Giant Rabbitry. His shop included everything you might need to start raising, showing and last minute items you might need for the current show. There were travel cages, bottles, litter, standards of perfection manuals and so much more!

I spent most of my time talking to other breeders about their rabbits, how to enter shows and care regiments. While most show rabbits as a hobby or for fun, they are indistinguishable from people who do this as a profession. I took plenty of photos and everyone was nice enough to talk to me and give me information. I even pet a fair share of the rabbits who were also amicable.

I then proceeded to watch the shores for various categories of rabbits. The judges were fast and professional and despite some delays due to being short handed they had everything wrapped up by 12:30. Rabbit showing is exciting, fast paced and easy to get into.

There was a lot more exciting info and I could talk about it all day, but I’ll stop here for now and make a pro tips segment later. Below you’ll find the photos of the event. Enjoy!

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