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Animal control

We had animal control called on us by:

Kelly Silliman 4143 SW 103RD PL

OCALA FL 34476

(352) 361-0509

She was supposed to deliver a pregnant Netherland Dwarf and a Rex mix she found abandoned on 6Jun22. We waited for her arrival for 12 hours! She called twice claiming her baby was the reason she couldn’t make it out and then didn’t show. The next day I called and she claimed the storm was too rough because she quote “has a baby” and she turned around drove an extra hour to Gainesville in the same storm and turned them over to Gainesville Rabbit Rescue which turned her away originally because they were full. Gainesville Rabbit Rescue is always full.

She actually came to our place, took photos, saw no rabbits at all and reported us to animal control for keeping animals outside in deplorable conditions. She saw our Google business page which clearly states we are moving to a larger property to expand our rescue operations capacity and provide larger enclosures for our animals. Decided to ignore that and then report us. The animal control officer was very nice actually and helpful in connecting us to other rabbit care facilities in our area for us to network.

She saw no issues with our facility as all the rabbits are well cared for here. They have food water exercise chew toys medical care and I’ve rehomed 2 rabbits in the last week after receiving 10 in 10 days. Our facility cares for the same amount of rabbits as Gainesville Rabbit Rescue except we are more educated on the issues and they are mandated to spay/neuter despite being in possession of several endangered breeds of rabbits.

Its sad, but people of low moral fiber and high on their own self esteem are going to try and tell you how to take care of your animals and tell you that how you do things is wrong or illegal. The key to success is following the science, caring for your animals well being and happiness, and continuing to learn.

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