My wife found a woman on Facebook with no friends or family. She’s 20 years old with an 11 month old son. She has no resources, no home and no state or federal organization can or will help. She has food stamps and that’s it. She can’t get a job because she can’t afford childcare, she doesn’t get child support and her life has been filled with nothing but abuse. We took her in for a week so she could eat and shower and take care of her baby in safety until she got a better offer or a state program that could help. After a week of rejection by every single program for being full or her not fitting criteria we decided she should stay with us. Had we turned her away should would’ve died or been incarcerated. The baby would’ve followed the same fate. We couldn’t allow that. The state and federal government fall short in a lot of areas, but this feels inexcusable.

All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

I can no longer stand idly by while people are suffering. I will work as quickly as possible to set up our farm so we can help more people. All I have ever done is try to help people. Maybe I can build something that can help a lot. For everyone else struggling out there, stay strong. Help is on its way.

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