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2023 Spay and Neuter pricing (Rabbit)

Updated: Jun 1

Below is a list of spay and neuter pricing for rabbits for 2023 in all the major cities of Florida. I have had a lot of questions about this lately and I wanted current information available for everyone. This list just includes the city, hospital and baseline costs. This does not include complications or extenuating circumstances. This is not a budgeting tool for cheap services either. You will want to try and get vaccines and microchips in addition to spay/neuter if you can afford it. Paws and Claws and the Humane Society provide lower pricing for low income individuals, not a cheap alternative for stingy people. The more expensive services are better for rabbit welfare and are worth every penny if you can take on the extra added expense. This is just a list to help you find a place close to you that meets your needs. Exotic vets and services can be difficult to track down so I spent a week tracking down all the relevant info for you. Be sure to ask about required initial exams or vaccines ahead of time as some places require fully vaccinated rabbits before being seen or being allowed in surgery. Currently the vaccine produced in the US comes in a two dose inactive vaccine requiring annual boosters. Limited data is available, but as far as I know there are no adverse side affects and the vaccine efficacy is only rated for one year. It is however relatively cheap assuming you are a single or dual rabbit household. We use Mandarin Veterinary clinic for our rabbit care presently and that is where we refer all of our customers because we are familiar with the excellent work of Dr. Sandra Jones. If you need something closer I understand and those facilities all have excellent reviews. I hope this helps.


Mandarin Veterinary Clinic

Male $350 starting

Female $458

RHDV not required

Microchip not required

Exam varies


Tampa Bay Humane Society

Male $125

Female $175

RHDV recommended

Microchip recommended


Books up fast, $50 deposit required


Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando

Male $367

Female $415

RHDV dose 1 $30 dose 2 $30

Microchip $50

Exam $75


UF Small animal hospital

Male or Female $400-500 includes overnight and surgery

RHDV $50 for both doses


Exam $100


Paws and Claws

Male starts at $225 and goes up


RHDV required

Microchip required

Exam $75

Package deal is $150 and includes chip, pasteurella, exam and RHDV. Care here is expensive but very good quality. High survival rate.


Paws and Claws

Male $168

Female $200

RHDV not required

Microchip not required

Exam $58

Pain meds $38 and this is baseline cost, doesn’t include any extra costs that may be incurred as a result of complications or extenuating circumstances.

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