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2022 Rabbit Rescue Stats

Updated: May 23

Last year was our first full year serving the community as a rabbit rescue. In that time we became the primary point of contact for Marion County Animal Services for all rabbit related issues. We’ve been interviewed for web articles and asked to speak at an educational booth for a fair. We’ve consulted on countless cases including pedigree work ups, cage construction, medical and hygiene care, and breeding strategies. We’ve supported food security programs, offered free services for those in need and offered discounts for service members, first responders and agricultural organizations such as 4H and FFA.

As you can see on the rescue page we’ve saved customers over $1000 dollars, nursed 17 babies including both wild and domestic rabbits, and rehomed 15 rabbits that would otherwise be dead or homeless/abandoned. It cost us $4800 to operate the rescue and we made $4500 from adoptions, donations and services. This year we’ve already saved customers over $1500 in the first quarter and rehomed 3 rabbits.

We are hoping to break even financially and beat last years numbers. Because of our limited capacity we did have to turn away a few rabbits, referring them to other (likely full) rabbit rescues. By the end of this year we should be fully established at our new location with space to expand and attached outdoor enclosures so the rabbits have more room to play and socialize. We will be a little further from our customer base, but we still have delivery services for both picking up and dropping off. We delivered more than half of the rabbits we rescued or adopted out.

All in all we have had a very successful year. If you want to donate we accept cash, checks, cashapp and Venmo. We have a post on our google business page showing how far your donations go in providing for these rabbits. You are also welcome to sponsor a specific rabbit and we will send you updates on the rabbits status. And lastly this year we are hoping to broaden our services to include microchipping services and DNA testing. Very exciting stuff! We will keep you posted as we make progress on multiple fronts. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

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