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Noble Rabbit Rescue

Noble Rabbit Rescue represents the non-profit side of our rabbit operations. We take in unwanted/abandoned rabbits and find them new homes using our network and expertise. All funds and profits from this side are reinvested in Noble Rabbit Rescue for the purchase of food, medication and cages for abandoned or surrendered rabbits. Rabbits are the third most popular domestic pet and the 3rd most abandoned. This is usually due to a lack of education and devaluation of the animals themselves. We hope to educate the public, fill a much needed niche of rabbit rehoming and increase the valuation of rabbits along the way. These aren't mice or hamsters, they aren't disposable, they are a key part of many ecosystems and loving and charming mammals that brighten our lives. Help us, help them.


  • DuMOR cage set $150

  • Rescue Rabbit Adoption $50

Meet our Adoptable Rabbits



Snowflakes owner developed an allergy to the rabbit and could no longer care for her. She is a Lionhead/Californian mix, roughly 5lbs with pink eyes and a charming personality. She is a little shy, but with some quality time will warm right up to you. She has not been spayed.



Hammel was found being attacked by dogs in a neighbors yard after being abandoned. He had ear mites, fleas and scars on his face. After we treated the mites and fleas he became one of our most loving rabbits. Eager to be held and pet. The hair on his neck and face is finally starting to grow back after a couple of weeks of treatment. He is a Rex/Hotot mix with Rex fur quality. He is about 5-6lbs and hasn't been neutered.


Count Valentino

Count Valentino was for her owner's granddaughter. The granddaughter had difficulty keeping up with the rabbit and the owner had increasing levels of responsibility to her family and other non-profit animal programs they offer. Valentino is loving and kind, but needs time to warm up to you. He has displayed cage aggression and bites, but he is doing so because he is scared and upset not because he is mean or a bad rabbit. Once you pick him up he melts in your arms. He appears to be a Havanna mix. He is chipped you just need to register the microchip in your name. He is also neutered so he should be more calm in general and bond well with other animals. He was raised around cats so he enjoys their company.


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Rescued Rabbits





Gretel was brought to us by a landlord who's tenant abandoned the poor thing in 95 degree weather in Florida in her hutch. She is a grey Dutch female approximately 1 year old and appears to have had one litter. When she arrived her nails had grown so long they twisted and contorted and we clipped about an inch off of each nail to get it down to the appropriate size. Rabbits nails should be clipped monthly if they are not outside digging to file them down. Her scent glands hadn't been cleaned in her whole life more than likely so it was like washing sticky raisins out of her groin. Now she is all cleaned up and in a loving home. 



Oliver Rehome.jpeg


Oliver posing with his new lady at a farm where he is the main stud.

Thor looking grumpy after a long drive to a new home with a loving family.



Jack (Left) and Sugar (Above) have been sold as a breeding pair to a lovely lady in Inverness. They will live happily ever after together making babies as rabbits should. They both originated from the same Rabbitry, but were surrendered when an HOA changed some rules to specifically ban rabbits in their neighborhood. The owner had no choice, but to relinquish his herd.


We are a private shelter and do not receiving funding or donations on a regular basis. All revenue goes toward rabbit care. Donations are appreciated and for every $100 you send to us you save 3 rabbit lives. All rabbits are sold in as is condition. While we do care for them and clean them up and medicate them, we often get them without pedigrees or medical histories or even names. Rabbits are given names not numbers and the best care available. If you have an issue with the rabbit whether it is behavioral or medical, while we are not responsible, we do try and make sure to give you the best experience and pair you with an appropriate rabbit. We do not do refunds, but we can swap you with a rabbit that might be a better fit. This is in the best interest of the owners as well as their furry friends. We do not spay or neuter or provide medical care specifically. We can recommend some providers for those services that we use. We don't microchip yet, but we will be starting a microchipping program soon and we definitely recommend microchipping. We are also working on genetic testing to determine pedigree for those who have lost theirs or didn't have one, but that service is pretty expensive and we do have to contract out for it. We will do everything in our power to get you set up and sometimes we have cages and feed available for free, but not always. So come prepared and be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

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