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Rescues and Adoptions

Rescues and Adoptions represents the bulk of our non-profit operations. We take in unwanted/abandoned rabbits and find them new homes using our network and expertise. All funds and profits from this side are reinvested in the Rabbit Rescue for the purchase of food, medication and cages for abandoned or surrendered rabbits. Rabbits are the third most popular domestic pet and the 3rd most abandoned. This is usually due to a lack of education and devaluation of the animals themselves. We hope to educate the public, fill a much needed niche of rabbit rehoming and increase the valuation of rabbits along the way. These aren't mice or hamsters, they aren't disposable, they are a key part of many ecosystems and loving and charming mammals that brighten our lives. Help us, help them.

Meet our Adoptable Rabbits

Cheerio Buck_edited_edited.jpg

Eeyore is the last remaining rabbit of Fuego's litter. She is gentle and mild mannered and looking for a loving home. She has a sponsor that is currently funding her.

There is one rabbit remaining of Lola's NZR/Satin cross litter. He is a beautiful gold agouti color, a little shy but friendly. He would make an excellent pet or stud for any household.

Speckle was given to us while she was pregnant. Fern and Clover were a part of her litter. She has been through a lot with her previous owners so I'm hoping to find her a loving home to make up for it.

Fuego was found hopping into an elderly woman's garage abandoned at 2 months old. She has been with us for a year now and has even had a litter. She is a Mini Lop and super sweet, but hence the name energetic and feisty. We will be sad to see her leave, but eager to find her a loving home.


Daisy was part of a Dutch doe duo we received some time ago and she is still looking for a good home. She is very sweet although a little shy at first. She is unavailable at the moment as she just had two beautiful babies.

Josephine has just finished nursing her second litter. After a brief recovery period she will be ready for adoption.

Xena is a beautiful tricolor mix resembling that of a Tan breed rabbit. She is a little shy, but a little time bonding and she'll cuddle right up to you.








Mini-Rex mix 1


Papa bear is the father of four litters! Currently he is pending adoption, but check back in regularly to see if his status has changed.

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Pending Adoption

Papa Bear


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DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind we rescue rabbits from a number of unsavory situations and a lot of them arrive in bad conditions or inappropriate caging. They do not stay in that caging and we treat them for any ailments they have. We take pictures as soon as they arrive regardless of condition or caging so we can find them homes as soon as possible. We would appreciate if you could not jump to conclusions and will gladly answer any questions you may have. We would appreciate the benefit of the doubt. Thanks.

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All revenue goes toward rabbit care. Donations are appreciated and for every $100 you send to us you save 3 rabbit lives. We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization, your donations will be tax deductible just make sure to get a receipt. All rabbits adopted are in as is condition. While we do care for them and clean them up and medicate them, we often get them without pedigrees or medical histories or even names. Rabbits are given names not numbers and the best care available. If you have an issue with the rabbit whether it is behavioral or medical, while we are not responsible, we do try and make sure to give you the best experience and pair you with an appropriate rabbit. We can swap your newly adopted rabbit with a rabbit that might be a better fit. This is in the best interest of the owners as well as their furry friends. We do not spay or neuter, but we can recommend some providers for those services. We are working on a microchipping program now and it should be available soon. We will do everything in our power to get you set up and sometimes we have cages and feed available for free, but not always. So come prepared and be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

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