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Our Cats

On top of caring for rabbits and owning dogs we care for exotic breeds of cat. Most domestic house cats are pretty friendly and easy to adopt out. Exotic cats can be a little more tricky. A lot of them have dominant personalities, special dietary or exercise requirements and lots of attention. Exotic cats can be very demanding and very rewarding. When they wind up in shelters people can usually tell them apart by distinctive features, but don't realize their value or the distinctive personality that follows. We offer cats a second chance whereas in other states depending on the breed can be put down for simply being an exotic species that has been labeled aggressive. We are currently at capacity until we move to our new location, but we will always make an attempt to house or rehome an exotic cat.

Our Pride and Joy



Sherlock and I have been best buds for almost a decade now. My little sister named him, but later she developed an allergy to cats. So he was kept in a closet and passed to owner after owner until I found out and offered him a real home. We have been inseparable. I can hear his voice from literally a mile away. His voice is one of the few frequencies I can hear given my hearing loss. He is an outside cat, but always comes running when I call his name. And anytime he calls I can hear him and I help him open doors. He is a bit of a rascal, but he has been my closest and most loyal friend for longer than any person. He is an F6 Savannah and cost $1500 and was contractually fixed. I think its a shame because he would have made the best kittens this world has ever seen.



This is Milo (pronounced Me-Lo). We adopted him last Christmas. The Marion County animal shelter had just conducted a huge bust for dozens of cats living in deplorable conditions and Milo was one of the ones rescued. Kali wanted a grey kitten she saw on the website, two of which were housed with Milo. They grey kittens shed away from us and Milo walked right up and bit my finger. I knew instantly he was the cat for us. As we went to file the paperwork we realized that the other two grey kittens had already been spoken for and Milo was all that was left. It was fate. He was raised with Sherlock and the Frenchies so he thinks he's a dog. He is ornery and constantly harassing everyone else in the house, but he is the happiest cat I have ever seen in my life. He is never not purring. Also fixed, which is a shame. He would have made the best pet kittens. I think the spay and neuter program is kind of like using a bucket to keep a boat with a hole in it from sinking.



Nelly (as in nervous Nelly) is a rehome. She is extremely shy and barely tolerates the other animals in the house. She has grown to love us, but the first two weeks she was here she attacked both of us and ran away from home twice. Since we captured her and brought her back the second time she has been loving and kind, but only to us and only at night. She plays all day outside and sleeps in the bed at night. While she had a good previous owner, the owners neighbor threatened to kill the cat for wandering onto their property while she was playing. This is one of the many reasons we want to move onto some property in the country. Fewer cars (Sherlock has been hit) and more distance between neighbors, so the cats can play outside unimpeded. Nelly is a Bengal F3 I believe, fixed of course (because making more beautiful animals seems to be out of the question for everyone) and despite being crotchety, she can be kind... when she feels like it.



Coco is our most recent arrival. Her previous owner had two other cats, all exotic, but after her divorce she had to move into a new apartment which only allows one pet. Luckily we were able to give her a good home. Coco is our first cat that isn't fixed! She is an Abyssinian with beautiful colors. Abyssinians tend to be very lean and smaller, but even by those standards Coco is small. She is only 5lbs! She is extremely shy, but she likes Milo and Sherlock. She is incredibly loving as long as you don't move. And she chitters when she sees her friends Milo and Sherlock.

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