Prometheus Rabbit Rehab

Prometheus Rabbit Rehab represents the wildlife rehabilitation aspect of our operations. All services provided are free as per Florida state law. We do accept donations as we are a privately funded rehab facility. Just $20 provides enough formula for a baby Cottontail from birth to fully weaned. $40 provides a month supply of hay for an adult Cottontail and $100 provides a full cage kit. We do not sell the rabbits. We relocate them if we are able. Relocations have low success rate for young rabbits. If we have them since before they opened their eyes we keep them. This is because despite having excellent instincts they will become comfortable around human beings and accustomed to a certain quality of life. Releasing them after that point could put them at risk. They just stay with us living happy lives. We try to pair them with mates from other rehab facilities to keep them genetically as diverse as possible.