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About the Authors

Hedgecock and Quinn have journeyed from Alaska to Florida in an RV during the height of COVID through riots and foreign countries. A 180 degree temperature difference as well as a complete and total lifestyle change. Hence the name 180 Degrees About Face. Together they have lived in some of the hottest and coldest places on the planet, dove to the bottom of the ocean, piloted planes, rode motorcycles into the sunset and served overseas during Operation Enduring Freedom. And now they are going on one final adventure to build a self sustaining utopia that they can call home. Their goal is to build a shipping container home by hand without the help of outside contractors in an effort to live off grid. Having a combined skill set spanning a multitude of fields they plan to erect a home without the aid of much more than youtube to make a home with modern amenities without compromising access to the great outdoors.

About the Website

180degreesaboutface is about the journey we've taken to get here, the steps we are taking now and the future we are hoping to build. This website is dedicated to blogging on self sufficient living and its many facets. We are hoping that some of the tips ideas and strategies will be beneficial in your search for independence.


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